What’s The Deal With Cruise Ship Gambling?

In some nations such as North Korea and Cambodia, land-based gambling is illegal for natives yet legal for visitors, which has led to a casino-tourism boom for the latter. So with a few exceptions, cruise ship casinos will shut up shop while the ship is docked, to comply with local gambling rules. Three years ago, Iowa eliminated the requirement that casinos actually move, but they still have to be located on the water. The casinos were soon either dry- docked or newly built on top of artificially-sustained little puddles.

  • So, today, things have changed with water casinos as they do not move.
  • They were often a way for people to escape the heat of the town, as well as to enjoy live music and dancing.
  • To keep the riverboat casino going, you will need to hire personnel like the riverboat operator, captain, crew members, casino dealers, hospitality crew members, kitchen staff, among others.

So go to the casino and have fun, but if your plan is to get the best payouts, then you are often better off with land-based casinos. Craps will have odds bets, but they will be restricted somewhat. The best you can hope for is 3X-4X-5X, but we’ve seen some ships with even lower bets available. They also often have the “Big 6/8” bets at tables that have a higher house edge. For blackjack you’ll often find tables that pay 6-to-5 on blackjack instead of the normal 3-to-2. If you play a higher-limit table, then you might still find 3-to-2 payouts. That said, there are still a number of things you should know before gambling on a cruise.

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Boat Appearance – Louisiana laws required owners to design their gambling vessels like the early 19the century paddlewheel boats. And this will determine technical requirements on the ship propulsion. Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast bringing about devastating destruction. You could do a quick google search to see the havoc Hurricane Katrina wrecked on the Mississippi.

why do casinos have to be near water

If anyone wanted to gamble, all they had to do was to go to a riverboat casino. There wasn’t much for people to do when aboard so they started playing cards. And as you can imagine, it was only a matter of time before money was involved and that was how gambling started on boats. It must be mentioned that many states were firmly against gambling during this period and had passed laws to prohibit it.

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After Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Gulf Coast in 2005, the state modified its laws to allow casinos on land again. A riverboat casino is a type of casino on a riverboat found in several states in the United States with frontage on the Mississippi River and its tributaries, or along the Gulf Coast. We’ve talked a lot about the history and evolution of legislation guiding riverboat casinos. So it’s fitting we talk about some casino vessels that are operational today.

why do casinos have to be near water

Beyond the tables and slots, Bally’s gaming properties are teeming with amenities that people love. Live entertainment, bars, restaurants, conference space, shops, hotels, pools and nightclubs are all conveniently there for the players, depending on their location of choice. For instance, while you won’t find table after of blackjack, there will be a few, and usually at least one craps table. There is also roulette and often other specialty table games like baccarat and others. Texas Hold ‘Em poker games is also popular, with tournaments and play throughout the cruise. In general, the larger your cruise ship, the more variety of games you can expect. Of course, there are penny slots as you’ll find in any casino (along with higher-stakes machines — usually up to a $1 machines — if you feel so inclined).