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Read again, it says specifically “Helix equipment”. Btw just got my bill for next month from ebox and jumped from 68 tax in to 74$.. Just switched from Bell land line home phone to videotron. 2) Other phone working but with terrible scratchy sound interference.


The service and the price may not be as good as Videotron in the long run (This remains to be seen.), but the question is value for money. I am getting all of the American channels on basic service with Bell. This means that I can add channels to my a la carte choices. I am getting channels in HD which I could not get with Videotron because they cater to people who watch TV in French. Examples of HD channels I could not get with Videotron are Discovery, Space, BNN, Bravo, Food, History etc. Furthermore I have the Movie Network and for a couple of bucks more a month Bell throws in AMC, TCM, and several superstations all in HD. In addition the TMN on demand service has about 100 movies all in HD. As for myself, I alsways paid the bill on time (180$ a month) and only called videotron twice in 5 years due to a defective modem. Never called to complain despite wanting to and never wrote then am email. The two times I called I was also polite and I would think I would be considered a “good” customer but the truth is I never felt valued nor appreciated. Anywho…am calling today to cancel the phone and television but keeping the internet service.

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OTA, FTA, Hulu, Netflix, Cinema Now and NHL Game Centre live will suit me just fine at a fraction of the cost. My landline number is being switched to a VOIP service as we speak. This shouldnt be a shock to anyone when I say Videotron caters to its Francophone customers, but the lack of quality english HD channels is quite significant. Channels like the Western networks, which Bell has been offering since day one, isn’t available and the list goes on. The issues of poor simsubbing is really a bit much, during the baseball playoffs I called 5 times because they simmed over programs that were preempted due to the games running late. More recently I’ve noticed a couple of feeds that were incorrectly simsubbed, wrong channel entirely on a program that was only available, so the viewing was completely lost. Simsubbing on American channels when the last program isn’t quite finished, cutting off the last couple of minutes. Check the image of the offer, it states that he equipment is included, so its a really good deal if you can lower it by buying your own used modem, but I guess its kinda hard to get it once it doesnt appear on the website, right now, only appears the $70 “offer” with equipment included.

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  • You’ve only been promised that these will eventually come around, but how long can you wait?
  • They are reminding me of the old videotron where they figure losing some customers is not a big deal until they realize how much they really will lose.
  • The way to go with Vidéotron is to BUY your own equipment.
  • With the rate hike i would pay same price what i would get from videotron but at 400 speed and i am quite inclined to switch.

You can actually remove yourself by calling the number back and following the automated prompts. To really stick it to them, call from a pay-phone, doing so costs them an extra $1 or something like that. Accessible communication is critical to enabling independence, and full participation in life. This is dramatically illustrated when you consider important personal information like government documents, banking statements, credit card and wireless bills. 3) English HD offering is poor and the majority of them are from a low-bitrate source.

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Therefore, the mandatory package am forced to get, which will increase by 2$ as of next month, only has 4 servicable channels (which adds up to more than 7$ a channel). But something for sure, you know you’ll pay 24$ more to Vidéotron for your TV bill next january. I will be switching when my contract for my router is up in Feb. You are right Videotron is not trying to keep their anglo customers and if I have to pay the same I might as well bite the bullet and go to Bell.


My friend switched and yes she complains about the internet not being very good but it is countered by how good the TV is. Videotron, like every other Canadian company it seems, wants to make it a bit difficult to find their telephone number to speak to a real living person. Oh sure, they put the automated service phone number right at the top left of the page, but you have to click another link and scroll down to the bottom to find the page to find it. When i called Videotron to cancel my services, the guy on the line was astonished by my reason for leaving either not a lot of people complain about those issues, or they don’t care anymore and just act surprised. The inaccurate guide, you can’t count on it, changes are made, they may not be updated for months. Say CBC alters a timeslot of a show, Videotron will keep it in the guide for several weeks. If you’re moving from Ebox cable internet to Videotron, they use the same network infrastructure. There have been one or two Videotron outages in the past year, but they would likely affect Ebox customers too. Service that Gen 1 modems are accepted and the price for the next 2 years will be 52+tx.