These are the 10 best casinos in Aruba, ranked by local expert

However, some casinos have their own Bingo Halls in Aruba. There are several bars in Aruba where you can bet on sports.

  • Whilst casinos are open to both locals and foreigners, the government puts a cap on how many times locals may frequent these casinos, which turns out to be 8 times in a month.
  • …all major resorts have their own casinos generally open from noon to sunrise, and some of them keep slots play open for twenty-four hours.
  • This MoU should not be interpreted as imposing a requirement on either party to disclose information in circumstances where doing so would breach their statutory responsibilities.
  • There are numerous credit cards available in Aruba, most of which are issued by major international banks on the island.
  • Whether individuals prefer sports betting or casino games, they may legally gamble in Aruba casinos.

In addition to rather loose criteria and lax standards for establishing an online casino and attaining the license, there is also a tax angle that should be noted. Other peculiarities of Aruba land-based casinos include free alcoholic drinks for the players, though the frequency of waitress service vary considerably from casino to casino, and — smoking. Drinking Laws — The legal drinking age in Aruba is 18 for beer, wine, and spirits. While drinking alcoholic beverages is allowed on the beaches, be careful to remove all empty bottles as the Aruban authorities are stringent about their littering laws.

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If slot machines are more your speed, the Stellaris Casino has more than 500 of them. And if you run out of cash or just get a little bored with gambling, the casino also offers live entertainment and dancing every night. Enjoy premier gaming experience in this Vegas-style casino. Aruba’s gambling laws allow for both brick-and-mortar casinos and online betting sites. Land-based casinos must be attached to a hotel and anyone seeking a gambling license must already have a hotel license.

  • Not all sites give you the chance to download an app, but most of them do, so if you prefer gambling via an app, you can find a casino that will provide you with the pleasure.
  • Part of the reason may be that Aruba lives up to its moniker of “One Happy Island.” And that slogan’s not superficial — it has a basis in economics.
  • The land-based casinos, being part of larger and branded hotels, do have casino supervisors and are subjects of state inspectors.
  • An in-house sportsbook makes it easy and fun for those interested in this side of casino entertainment to place bets on their favorite sporting events, not just on any given day but for the foreseeable future.