Man accused of robbing woman at gunpoint in Iowa after big casino win

That robbery happened while actor James Woods was playing poker; the actor praised the staff’s response in the midst of the crime. On Nov. 28, the Bellagio Hotel and Casino — also an MGM Resorts International property — was robbed by a man who took an undisclosed amount of money from a cash cage in the poker room. New York, New York, which is owned by MGM Resorts International, is the second large casino on the Las Vegas Strip to be robbed within the last three months. This is probably one of the most hi-tech robberies for its time. The story inspired many books and movies and other teams of intellects to try their hand at blackjack. The group of math geniuses used advanced card counting techniques and technical strategies to beat casino blackjack dealers all around the world.

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Plainfield Man Charged in Casino Parking Lot Robbery.

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Having had multiple attempts made on the casino in the same year security number would gradually increase over the course of the year. Reginald Johnson then 27 years old approached the entrance and fired a shot at one of the security guards while he walked towards the main cashier area.

The 13 Biggest Casino Heists In History

Still wearing his helmet to avoid identification, he entered the casino and made his way straight to the High-limit Craps table. In his drug fuelled state, he pulled out his gun to scare the dealers and the other players, and managed to grab about $1.5 million in casino chips, and made his way out via his strategically parked bike. Bill Brennan was a permanent cashier at the prominent casino with no history of any crime committed whatsoever. He had been working at the casino for over a decade and was a widely respected long-term employee, a reputation which ultimately aided his heist.