List of cinemas in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg

The Schaubühne , located opposite Lehniner Platz on property 153, belongs to the Wilmersdorf district, whereas Kurfürstendamm 152, with the former “ Kammerlichtspiele ”, belongs to Halensee. In 1928 the architect Erich Mendelsohn built the “Universum” cinema building as part of the “Woga complex” on Kurfürstendamm / Cicerostraße. The auditorium held 1276 in the stalls and 487 in tier, so a total of 1763 seats. There was a rectangular cinema hall with a circumferential tier and mahogany cladding of the parquet, the modern indirect lighting at that time.

In the cinema address book for 1920, the K orso light games with daily screenings and 227 seats for the owner Richard Filsch from Friedenau are given, and in 1921 Richard Kahnemann is the owner of the C orso light games. In 1924 they played three to four days a week, owner was Mrs. Bertha Schwarzkopf while C.

Cinema list from Wilmersdorf

The data were compiled from the special address books Reichskino Adressbuch (Verlag Lichtbühne) and Kinoadressbuch as well as the cinema list (1907–1910) of the first specialist journal for the entire art of photography, Der Kinematograph . The project of the Berlin cinemas is based on this data and supplements regional references.