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Players start by placing an ante wager and the optional progressive side bet if they want. The player and dealer each receive five cards with only one of the dealers turned face up. Casino War is a game between a player and a dealer and uses 6 full decks of cards. Each player is dealt one card and the player with the highest valued card wins. The cards are ranked in the order of poker cards, with Ace being the highest, followed by King, Queen, Jack, Ten, Nine etc. The player and dealer are each given a single card.

If you are looking to take a break from poker or blackjack and want to try something new, then maybe you should consider giving casino war a try. It doesn’t involve nearly as much strategy as a standard casino card game, but it can be more fun if you simply enjoy letting it ride. Besides, going to war against a dealer sounds like a heck of a way to have some fun in a casino. If all players bust, the dealer wins without further play. With a count of 16 or less, the dealer draws cards one at a time until there is a count of 17 or more. A dealer who busts loses; otherwise, the dealer pays anyone showing a higher count , and a push occurs for players with a matching total. All cards are collected and taken out of play before the next hand is dealt.

How is Casino War Played?

The way that casino war is adapted for casino play is that each single card deal receives a wager from the player. If the dealer’s card is higher, then the player loses. If the dealer’s card is lower, then the player wins. If there is a tie, the player has the option to surrender, at which point he will lose half of his bet, or go to war by placing another equal or greater wager. At that point, cards are dealt until either the player or the dealer wins. If the player wins, then he receives his original bet plus an even money payout on the second “war” bet.

  • The list on this page is extensive, but I can’t claim it to be 100% complete, as there are new games developed every day and there are obscure games that pop up now and then.
  • This variation does not pay a bonus if the player receives a tie after a tie.
  • And if you surrender when there is a tie, the house has a 3.7 per cent edge.
  • 888 Casino was founded with one main objective in mind, to create a place that offers maximum player satisfaction.
  • Some players choose to always go to War in the event of a tie.

The basic game of War was traditionally played with two players, but additional versions of the game have emerged allowing up to four players to partake in a game. A major strategy of Casino War is to avoid the side bet. With a side bet, you wager that the first card you play with tie with the dealer.

How To Play Casino War Online

Despite this, the game has stood the test of time, having already been enjoyed by children as the game known simply as War. The 10 to 1 payout for a tie-side bet may seem enticing. However, expert Casino War players tend to avoid this option. The house edge will balloon considerably, which could catch novice players out. If you win you get paid even money and if you lose you surrender your entire wager. In the event of a tie you can either fold and get back half your bet or double your bet and go to war.

how to play war card game casino

The dealer has to qualify with a queen high or better in order to pay off on the raise bet. To start play you place a bet on the ante circle.

No strategy is involved – simply the ability to recognise which of two cards is higher in rank, and to follow the procedure of the game. The standard two-player game is described first, then the game for three or four players. After all bets are locked in, the dealer will deal the player and the house a single card.

  • Place your card on top of the pile you wish to steal, steal it, and place the new deck on top of your face-up pile without changing the order of any of the cards.
  • The player antes to start play and must place another wager of one to three times the ante to remain in the hand after receiving his or her cards.
  • Casino War can easily be played for real money on a mobile device.
  • The point is, you don’t want to discard an online casino too quickly because you don’t see ‘casino war’.
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