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When Minnie gets plugged, there’s the sound of a cat rearing. Zoë Bell (called “the cat” by her friends in Death Proof) gets plugged a second later. A little later, Jody tells Smithers “…if you…was a cat…this woulda counted as one of your nine lives.” Of course, Bell showed up again in Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood. The Shining connects its major black character to rabbits. Major Marquis Warren has a last name that can mean the place where rabbits live. Warren can also refer to a building where a lot of people live in close quarters, as in Minnie’s Haberdashery, or like a small hotel. The Brittle brothers are going under the alias Schaefer. Carl Schaefer painted The Johnson House, Hanover. Don Johnson is playing Big Daddy, the owner of this plantation. Also, Django’s new blue digs are thought to resemble the Thomas Gainsborough 1770 painting The Blue Boy. Gainsborough was a major influence on Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon.

I grew up in a very similar environment to what Jennifer would have so I can definately empathise with what she would have been going through. To my parents, It was all about academic achievement. I guess from their perspective, they saw education as a way out of poverty and to help set me up to be able to earn a decent living with reasonable salary as an adult. I used to dread school holidays because not only did I not get to go see my friends, I had to do even more work than I normally would have as I was set additional homework tasks by my parents. We couldn’t afford extracurricular activities and I spent most days at home. When they had the money, they would rather spend it on English/Maths/Science tutoring class for me rather than for me to be able to have fun. As a result, I didn’t have many friends growing up and often found myself outcasted from the groups. While other kids would hang around after school, I would go home to study.

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  • As for the “Doolin Gang” this was a real thing, but it was the Dalton Gang, AKA, the Dalton-Doolin Gang, AKA, the Wild Bunch.
  • Given the large sample size of model immigrants, a few suicides and this one single case of murder is actually very small.
  • The days when dealers knew your name, what you drank and what you played.
  • I guess, looking back on things, I see now that he was grooming us.
  • From my point of view, my friends had free time, parties, toys, game consoles, while I was forced to study 24/7.

That last bit is so true — parenting is a very important thing that is unregulated, but it is rather impossible to regulate parenting, not to mention a whole ethical can of worms. Perhaps the solution isn’t as a society, some all-encompassing progressive measure, but rather individual families need to come to their individual revelations. In addition, certain individual students/kids may benefit from counseling or seeing a counselor just to talk to, and counselors/teachers should be aware that this dynamic exists in a lot of East-Asian households. I read an article recently about self-segregation in middle/high schools with high Asian student populations due to different academic standards. A lot of these school counselors and principals, while very well-meaning, are Caucasian, and simply don’t understand the kinds of pressures these kids are under.

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This is a story coming from the perspective of a friend of Jennifer’s who was writing it based on her own experience, first hand knowledge, and public information. The writer was clear that she herself is left with many questions, and the piece is not presuming to be the be all, end all of the saga. So unless you can write something better and different, we don’t need to hear how it is seeking sympathy for the murdered because that is not at all what I got from it. Her parents only wanted what was best for her, and yes, those pressures could be intense, but it doesn’t mean she had to plan out & execute an entire crime scene. Whether she hated her parents or not, it does not mean she had to end their lives. Eventually, she was allowed some measure of freedom, and she enrolled in a calculus course to get her final high school credit. Still, in defiance of her parents’ orders, she visited Daniel in between piano lessons. One night, she arranged her blankets to look like she was asleep, then snuck out to Daniel’s house. But she forgot that she had her mother’s wallet. In the morning, Bich went into the room to get it and discovered Jennifer was gone. Bich and Hann ordered Jennifer to come home immediately.

To take music lessons your parents would have to drive you out of town once a week. My parenTs couldn’t afford a musical instrument. Or maybe they didn’t value that kind of education. If the local school didn’t offer it, then we wouldn’t have it. And the local school offered no choices in curriculum, zero. This is not about us understanding Asian cultures, though more of us DO than you might think, thanks to the world being much more interconnected now than ever before. The cons of Tiger parenting, in most cases, FAR outweigh the pros, meaning Asian immigrant parents might need some additional education and lightening up when they step off the plane here for the first time. So the kid becomes a doctor, gets a big house, a fancy car and trophy status for the parents. That doesn’t automatically equate to a happy, stress-free life.