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I find this a strange question coming from a member of a government that has successively and successfully intervened in jurisdiction after jurisdiction of provincial authority. It has used its spending power, taxing power or whatever it happens to be at the moment. No one forced Newfoundland to sign this agreement, which at the time appeared to be beneficial for both parties. Newfoundland benefited from Hydro-Quebec’s contribution in terms of both money and expertise. In return, Hydro-Quebec would maintain fixed prices for the electricity generated. We might even add that, had Hydro-Quebec not been involved in this project, Churchill Falls might never have been harnessed. Reform has chosen this as its motion for supply day. In that regard the debate has been very interesting. We have been talking on this side about the Churchill Falls contract and about the situation of Labrador, Newfoundland generally, in Confederation, in interprovincial trade and in other arrangements. The government when it governs the people must remember that it has that dual responsibility. Yes, it must manage the economic affairs of the country well and it has a firm responsibility in that area. However, it has a social responsibility to ensure that those regions which are less advantaged and those individuals in society who are less advantaged have an opportunity as well. He talked about wanting to have the opportunity for everybody to have a fair shot at economic prosperity. What is missed here, which I think the Reform Party generally misses, is that government has a role to help both the people and the areas of the country that are least advantaged. The Reform Party knows and consistently insists that natural resources and the management of natural resources is not the purview of the federal government but is the purview of provincial governments. That is something the Reform Party not only wants to see continue but it also wants to see it enhanced. I will talk a little bit about the actual facts in the motion, the Churchill Falls agreement. I want to talk about what has been discussed over the last few minutes, exactly how much support the federal government has provided to Newfoundland and Labrador.


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  • If it is not just it needs to be addressed, which is what I hope the new premier of Quebec will do, address an injustice, something that is not fair.
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  • This 11th hour cancellation made it virtually impossible for a number of our members to present their items to the committee on their own behalf.

I also thought that senior members of the Liberal Party had really discouraged that response because the government would want this votable. It has now been clarified and it should be very clear for the record that what has happened is that the hon. member for St. John’s West has joined with the Bloc Quebecois in not making it possible for there to be a vote on this issue. The admission of the hon. member, whose party asked a little earlier to make the motion votable, was that consent had been refused by another hon. member. Furthermore, there are the two references in Hansard. It goes back not just to the Churchill Falls contract but even before that. Frankly, I am not aware of anything resembling this in another federation, certainly not in the 20th century. I believe that, more than anything, illustrates the difference between these two parties. I was in the House when consent for a votable motion was asked. I know the hon. member for St. John’s West did not want this to be votable motion for whatever reason. I guess because she is such a well trained Liberal backbencher she was not used to shouting out her point of view. Mr. Speaker, you decided you had heard unanimity. I am glad to see we have a votable motion today. We have heard from the Liberals nothing but concerns about the election itself and electioneering. We have heard on the issue itself silence, particularly from Newfoundland members. I notice with some pride and gratitude that the government has agreed to make this a votable motion. The hon. member for Parry Sound-Muskoka is quite right that the Reform Party election platform never mentioned Labrador in the last election. Without having reviewed every page of it, any money Labrador is not mentioned in the red book either, from a party that has been in existence since Confederation and that has represented that riding for most of its time in Canada. It is just a slight distinction but the hon. member may want to read the motion. Reform proposed in the last election precisely what it would cut. It expressed those cuts to the people of Labrador as well as to people in other parts of the country. The numbers add, up if the hon. member bothers to read them. We have here a party which prides itself on being the party of free enterprise, the party of the private sector, and all of the stuff that goes with that. Yet the Reform Party says a contract that was freely entered into, probably as a mistake by some of the parties, and confirmed by the Supreme Court should be set aside. That seems a very strange position to be taken by the Reform Party. I am afraid that members on this side of the House and people across the country respect the law and it is high time that the hon. member opposite showed some respect for the law as well. The ability of Labrador to develop its natural resources is not good enough. It has not been able to take advantage of its natural wealth.

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This would allow Newfoundland to channel electricity through Quebec lines to markets in the United States. When I look back to 1867, when Canada became a country, the provinces were very powerful. Over the years, all their powers have essentially been picked off. We will nonetheless try to find, within these parameters, a way to co-operate with the provinces in order to help those who need the kind of support that a financial contribution to day care would provide. We are not advancing the quality of the debate or trying to deal with the problems facing real people by trying to raise all kinds of unnecessary concerns. The requirement for new entrants into the system is not based on just the 52 weeks of the calendar we have normally applied it to. They can actually bank the weeks, or hours as the case will be after January 1, 1997, from the previous year’s work. The burden of proof about any actions of members of the armed forces as alleged by the hon. member for Charlesbourg is on that member to come forward and give us that proof. Only at that time will we launch a greater investigation other than the one I have in a sense launched in the last number of hours with the chief of the defence staff who has assured me that these allegations are unfounded. During the referendum campaign there were lots of assertions and accusations made and a lot of emotional debate. The hon. member for Charlesbourg had sent a letter to certain officers in the province of Quebec. The matter was of such gravity that you, Mr. Speaker, ruled that the House debate a motion by a member of the Reform Party, my opposition critic. That is the situation in the province of Quebec today on a whole number of fronts that are entirely within the jurisdiction of the Government of Quebec. Just to let you know what is happening with the money made available for post-secondary institutions in this country, obviously we have jurisdiction-because the member and his party are always interested in jurisdiction. There is no doubt that the matter of 15 hours needs looking at, for it is very important to understand that 15 is the total number of hours worked in a week required at the present time to be eligible for unemployment insurance. I am very pleased to see that members of the official opposition now recognize the value of having this piece of legislation considered by the committee. I am sure as time goes on, as was the case yesterday and as will be the case next week, there will be a lot of constructive suggestions made and we will deal with them. Mr. Ovid L. Jackson (Bruce-Grey, Lib.) Mr. Speaker, Canadians are known in the world community as a generous and caring people. These excellent pieces of news provide me with an opportunity to congratulate the members of the Bromptonville municipal council on the undeniable success of their economic development initiative. Certainly, the going gets a bit rougher when its premier, in his capacity as representative of all the people of Newfoundland, told us that the five little conditions we were looking for in the Meech Lake accord were not acceptable. At that point, on some issues it really hurt and it hurt a lot. Negotiations got under way in 1963, but the parties could not agree on production costs and on a price per kilowatt-hour. Three years later, in 1966, Hydro-Quebec again offered to buy the energy produced at Churchill Falls and, this time, accepted to pay the asking price. 756 the effect that the provinces should enter into agreements between themselves and increase interprovincial trade as much as possible. We are going to debate this motion here, while jobless people are in the street.

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It is simply not accurate to suggest that the Government of Canada is entirely responsible for the problems that exist with financing post-secondary institutions in Quebec. Tuition fees for universities, cegeps, community colleges and post-secondary institutions are set by the institution or by the government, depending on the system. During this minute of reflection the national debt rose by over $62,000. The government cannot afford to be silent any longer. For businesses and individuals, present and future, who must suffer reduced incomes because of the Liberal government, the House should remember them in their suffering by observing a period of silence. He went under the auspices of the Canadian Executive Services Organization. These volunteers are skilled women and men, usually retired, who willingly share their lifetime of practical experience with those in the rest of the world who need it the most. “We believe only a groundswell or grassroots movement of some kind can truly heal this country’s wounds and avoid a separation of its people. Only individual Canadians of common purpose working collectively, massively, can make the profound impact that must be if this country is to survive”. When it comes to pouring money down sewers, the government is number one. No matter how much perfume it splashes on it, the vile odour of truth remains. Richard Monette, Berthold Carrière, Jean Gascon and Denise Pelletier are just a few of those Canadians with francophone backgrounds who have given so much of themselves to make the Stratford Festival what it is today. The festival is just one of many examples across Canada in which individuals from every culture and every language work hand in hand for the benefit of all.

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I have spent some time in the north in my own part of the country but I had never been lucky enough to go to Labrador. I was treated with some scepticism, I must admit. I was treated with some degree of misunderstanding, which I also accept. However, I found a few issues in Labrador that are profoundly important to the people there. Finally, I know the minister will support me on this. His initial thesis, if you can call it that, was that we did not care because this motion is not votable. I would ask for unanimous consent of the House to make the motion votable. The hon. member has not made one sentence in terms of the comprehensive Labrador co-operation agreement of $67.2 million., He has said nothing about the $100 million economic renewal program which will also benefit Labrador. He has said nothing with regard to the Atlantic ground fishery program which will benefit the people of Labrador. It is not only Churchill Falls that is the problem here. The problem is the blocking of a development which is waiting to spring up and benefit the people in that part of the country.

There is a very good reason why people enjoy a game of regular poker with your friends and co-workers. It is an excuse to eat sandwiches and chips and forget about trivial things such as invoices and work pressures. If you bet with chocolate, peanut, coupons of cat food, spare change or a bankroll, poker is a social thing. Be honest with yourself, and take a break from gambling if you can no longer manage your betting patterns. CanadianSlots.ca is online review website catering to Canadian based Gamblers. Workers at Ontario Slots Parlor to Strike over Crap Pay Working for a living is something we’ve all become accustomed to over the years. All we ask is that the job is manageable, the pay rate is worthwhile, and we… CA Sports Bill Guaranteed to Go to Vote This morning, a third attempt was made to legalize single-event wagering. Like Masse’s second-coming introduction, take three required a lucky lottery draw. It was Saskatoon-Grasswood MP Kevin Waugh that won… Now, it appears that more than 130 employees at BC’s Elements Casino are itching to join the good fight. That’s the approximate number of casino workers who voted in favor of unionization this week. There’s little doubt the future these individuals are signing up for is the same as the tens of thousands who joined before them. Gaming corporations would say Canadian casinos have been plagued by union strikes for the last few years. Employees of those casino – being members of those unions – might word it differently. In their opinion, the union strikes have worked in their favor to achieve greater remuneration for their services. Casinobonusesfinder.ca needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. They’ve got a licence from Antillephone, N.V., with the number 8048/JAZ. Their business address is also clearly stated at the bottom of every page. Wazamba provides 11 payment methods but does not distinguish between ones that are only for deposits or withdrawals, so in this review, we will assume all methods can be used in both ways. Unfortunately, minimum deposit amounts and payout speeds are not mentioned on the website. I might be an exception and I’m a Vegas regular but Vegas hasn’t lost one bit of it’s charm for me.

  • You may also check out the rest of our ZetCasino review to learn more about games, payment methods, support means and many more.
  • It is far easier for provinces to reach agreements between themselves than with the federal government.
  • He has said nothing with regard to the Atlantic ground fishery program which will benefit the people of Labrador.
  • When you sign up with Wazamba, you’ll be entitled to have your first deposit fully matched and claim 200 free spins.
  • I thought its members might have talked about certain projects in the province of Newfoundland such as Hibernia, in which the Government of Canada has been involved.
  • It actually in its own campaign literature in Quebec used to show Labrador as a part of Quebec.

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It was just like the red book made promises to Canadians about their health care, their pensions and the GST. Reformers are right in that we have an economic responsibility as a government. We fulfil that economic responsibility very well. But what they forget and what they ignore is the fact that government has a second responsibility, a social responsibility. The people of Labrador and Newfoundland know very well that the Reform Party if given an opportunity to govern would spend its time strictly on economic affairs and would forget the social responsibility. That is what the future would hold if that party were in power. There is the whole issue of transfer payments from the federal government to the provincial governments. I know that my Reform colleagues across the way might suggest it should be equal for each province, but we feel a little differently over here. Areas of the country which are most in need require greater assistance than some of the other areas. That is borne out when we look at the fact that Labrador and Newfoundland has the highest per capita rate by which we provide transfers to the provinces. It is the way the Reform Party would want to see ended. The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency is working with community groups intending to foster economic development in that region. Has the hon. member stood in his place and said we need more of that kind of assistance and intervention by the state? His colleague stands in the House to criticize minister after minister who is trying to make money available for the purposes of economic development. The announcement made yesterday by the minister who has the responsibility of the francophonie, of which Haiti is a member, is also the minister responsible for international co-operation. He made the announcement in a series of Canadian government announcements in support of the people of Haiti. It will come as no surprise to my hon. friend to learn that several provinces, including Quebec, have expressed serious reservations about the appropriateness of federal interference in an area of provincial jurisdiction. In Quebec, women hold 68 per cent of the part time jobs. From now on, in order to be entitled to benefits, people will have to have worked between 420 and 700 hours, depending on the region. Does the minister realize that people who work 15 hours a week, the large majority of these women, would see the number of weeks they would have to work to draw benefits raised from 28 to 47 weeks? This is often a problem for those with unstable employment, seasonal employment, and 68 per cent of such jobs are done by women. Today, I pay tribute to the people of Hull and the Outaouais who, once again, have led the way in sustainable economic development in the national capital region. For example, I look at how the federal government is working with Newfoundland and Labrador and other stakeholders to resolve issues surrounding mineral development in Voisey Bay. For more than three decades the federal government has been working with Newfoundland and Labrador on the development of its hydroelectric resources. I can cite countless examples of federal support to my province. Recent examples include the Hibernia development project. We are encouraged with the progress that is being made in connection with the Terra Nova project. The Reform Party plans to turn programs such as employment insurance and the Canada Pension Plan into personalized savings accounts or private insurance. That will not find support among the workers in Labrador. The Reform’s opposition to any active role by governments in economic development and creating new employment opportunities would indeed hurt the workers of Labrador. One of the things the federal government should do is strengthen its power to regulate and to strike down interprovincial trade barriers. Those barriers cost Canadians between $3 billion and $5 billion a year. The first thing we must do is strike down those barriers if we are to have a free trade agreement that works in North America and the world. There are those who visit the casinos to win big and those that go to have fun and play in moderation. For the average person, gaming is probably best seen as a fun night out more than a way to make a lot of money and those who approach which thus find a lot of enjoyment. Royal Vegas is going crazy with their promos this month if you are a Canadian based player. They are a serious operator and accept a host of easy deposit options such as eCheck. Those who voted in favor of unionization come from five different employee divisions within Victoria’s Elements Casino. They include the casino’s table games dealers, slot machine attendants, cage cashiers, counters, and guest services employees. According to BCGEU Treasurer Paul finch, they all have one thing in common – a strong desire for better wages and benefits.

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The Minister of Finance announced in his budget last week that we were going to stabilize the amounts available to the provinces under the Canada social transfer. The one thing I would say we are totally committed to is the fiscal parameters that were set out for the overall EI reform. Within that restriction we are prepared to look at anything which will render the situation as equitable and as fair to women and everybody else who must have access to employment insurance. With respect to the re-entry qualifications I want to make it clear that they apply across the board to all new entrants or re-entrants. We will take into account any special circumstances. Again there I understand the honourable member’s comment about the need for mothers to take extended periods of time to deal with the rearing of their children. I expect the committee will be making suggestions and recommendations on this and a number of other areas. I am sure the committee members from all parties will address the problem identified yesterday by the Fédération des femmes du Québec. I trust that here, as in other sectors, amendments will be proposed to improve or totally eliminate the problem referred to by the hon. member. The hotel sector alone hopes to rent an additional 75,000 rooms next year, for an increase of $5 million. Overall, the annual economic benefit to Hull, the Quebec Outaouais, Ottawa-Carleton and Eastern Ontario will amount to several tens of millions of dollars. And that is to say nothing of the number of local inhabitants who will spend their money here rather than travelling somewhere else. The University of British Columbia and now the Nova Scotia Agriculture College in Truro are the only two degree granting programs in aquaculture in Canada.

With W3C validation you’ll be able to sidestep the most esoteric code errors before they end up on your website, and you’ll be able to put a professional face forward. When your site or business is on the internet, the job is far from over! You’re going to need a professionally designed website that shows your potential customers that you’re serious. Your potential customers and visitors are just like you, and you want to give them the experience that helps them do business with you. His colleagues have not been prepared to say that today. I have listened to Liberal after Liberal either avoid that issue or state that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this situation, including members from Atlantic Canada. It is good that somebody on that side recognizes this is not proper. I would also point out that the recently negotiated internal trade agreement provides no such guarantee to Newfoundland in the future. The energy provisions of the deal are still under negotiation. Meanwhile the Churchill Falls power contract extends to the year 2041. It caused quite a sensation at the time because the member very briefly held the balance of power between the two traditional parties. It was one brief attempt by the people of Labrador to assert their needs in the political system. It did not last long because frankly the system makes it very difficult for an area like that to play a meaningful role. Nor will they be found in the document on which his party and this member ran in Newfoundland and in all other provinces. Not just as the federal government have we supported that province through the natural resource sector, in Labrador today there is the Canadian forces base at Goose Bay which adds $128 million to the local economy. That is more than fish harvesting and trapping; it is about the same as what pulp and paper and agriculture together supply. The federal government through the establishment of CFB Goose Bay adds tremendously to the economy. Second, the hon. member says that we are satisfied with the status quo. We are not satisfied with the status quo but we are certainly not satisfied with the approach of the Reform Party. It wishes to cut transfer payments even further. It wants to do away with regional and economic development. I think of the work done by the hon. member for Kootenay West when the Liberal government was willing to shut down the ferry service in Labrador Straits.

  • These ownership rights give the province the right to royalties from mineral developments such as in Voisey Bay, as well as for all oil and gas development within the province’s boundaries.
  • Our work brings us a step closer to the goal of drug-based treatment for people suffering from gambling disorders, a group that experiences higher rates of divorce, suicide and crime than non-gamblers.
  • 1) Can’t look at a part and see how many times it was ordered easily.
  • The Inter-Utility Trade Review in 1992 suggested several amendments to the National Energy Board Act.
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Quebec would have to give up some of the benefits it receives from Churchill Falls contracts. It is unwilling to do this so it will not come to the table. In western Canada natural gas, electricity and oil freely cross provincial boundaries. This neighbourly approach to trade creates a harmonious relationship among western provinces and produces greater wealth for all the provinces involved as these provinces have free access to each other’s markets. The federal government promised to create jobs, jobs, jobs. There is no place in Canada that needs jobs more than Newfoundland. However, for the last 27 years the federal government has failed to act on behalf of Newfoundlanders concerning this matter. It has failed to intervene and to guarantee one of the poorest provinces in the country its fair share of profits from the direct sale of power to the New England states.

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I encourage all Canadians to think about this and the many other examples of unity and tolerance that bless our great nation. With more money in the pockets of consumers demand will increase and companies will need lots more employees. In other words, we Quebecers are penalizing the people of Labrador, because a contract was properly signed. Even the Supreme Court says this contract is valid and meets the required standards, and must therefore be adhered to. In 1988, another Supreme Court decision confirmed the primacy of the contract signed in 1969. I would like to give a brief historical outline. I could go back to George V, but I will start in 1963. At that time, Hydro-Quebec said that it was prepared to buy all the electric power produced at Churchill Falls, provided it could sell its surplus to Ontario. Some members may feel these rights should be changed, expanded or perhaps cutback. My own view is that they represent a reasonable and fair allocation of authority. These rights are clearly outlined and equally applied. I cannot see how these rights have in any way been denied to Newfoundland or any other province.

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