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Government claimed that they did not know about the lawsuits against the company from an American company or a Quebec company. That is a problem that needs to be corrected immediately and it does not need support of any provinces. The generic solution applies when a province controls 70 per cent of the national revenue base of a particular resource. That is when the generic solution applies.

However, this process has begun and in no time residents will be able to physically visit the best sportsbooks in Aurora, IL. After decades of only being a casino town, Aurora sportsbooks could change the gaming dynamics of the small Illinois city. The first Aurora casino was opened on June 17, 1993, and has since become a pillar in the community. Casino gaming brings in more than $7 million to the city each year, and now that sports betting is on the table this number would only increase. As far as the actual gaming options in Aurora, all types of Class III wagering is legal. This includes slot machines and table games such as blackjack, craps, and poker. A very good part of the Budget; $21.5 million in municipal operating grants. Twelve million dollars in debt relief programs. Giving a hand-up to communities to carry on with very important infrastructure programs. Also, Mr. Speaker, let’s look at our housing starts; very important. All you need to do is to drive around and you can see people are building.

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It is coming from a government that is not providing any direction, any hope. That is what is happening here, Madam Speaker. Mr. Speaker, there are many, many more notes that I have. I do understand that I have only about a minute left, or less than that. Here is a person who had been President of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association, who had championed their cause, and then he comes into the House and one of the first things he does as Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier was, he goes and participates in gutting the teachers’ contract. Mr. Speaker, how can you have the kind of faith in that kind of person who now is going to lead us into Voisey’s Bay negotiations?

Province launches vaccine passport to become mandatory Oct. 22 – NTV News

Province launches vaccine passport to become mandatory Oct. 22.

Posted: Thu, 07 Oct 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

They got more than their fair share of shrimp. If you were to go out on the Northern Peninsula and see the limited opportunities we have, and the fact that we have not recovered from the moratorium in any way. It is quite unfortunate that we cannot see how to go out there and let an area be able to contribute to this Province by utilizing this resource the best that it could. I think that it should be addressed in some way. Another community that has been out there – and I have always said I think what we need to do is support the winners. I see in a place like River of Ponds that is out there, it has a family owned fish plant that is doing very well but yet, they do not have the support of the harbour facilities, the infrastructure. So fish has to landed in another port and everything has to be trucked there. It goes as far as to have – fishermen who are out there are counting the waves that they can hit the slipway on the third wave, which is the bigger wave, which will take them and what not.

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The type of care that was given to former patients and patrons in the old site is not the same today. We have people – and I was talking to them, I mentioned it earlier the last time I spoke. A lady who is strapped in, in a hospital, waiting for a bed in protective care in Botwood. This lady has been there since October strapped in, waiting in a hospital.

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I have been actually in La Scie and Pacquet when U-Hauls were in that community ready to roll out of that community and ready to head to Port aux Basques. You notice, Mr. Speaker, and I have to say this tonight, of all the years that I have been here – and I know the House Leader has been here a lot longer, and some other members, but I have never seen that many points of order in such a short period of time on one person speaking in this House. Mr. Speaker, what this government has failed to do, as I have said before, is put in place a long-term plan. When it comes to health or it comes to education or it comes to rural development, there is no plan. They say they are being checked out, they are being investigated. They are going to do it all, but there are no concrete results.

Burgeo, Newfoundland has its own TV station

If you’re playing a slot alone and on a losing streak the instinct should be to call it a day not plough more money into the machine. However with Live you suddenly have an extra voice encouraging you to play on and we think that’s a bit risky in today’s safer gambling environment. Overall it’s fun to play but ignore the dealer and walk away when you feel it’s the right time for you. Take a slot and making it a live game show seems an odd thing to do, but it kind of works. In a way it’s like a group of players pooling their money and betting big on the spin of the reels on a Vegas game. The same highs and lows of playing a slot alone are still there, but these are magnified by sharing the pain with fellow players and the presenter.

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There are many more years, forty-odd years left in that contract, before we can sit down and renegotiate a better deal. The people on the government side do not want to admit it. They are trying to juggle the figures around to make it look like this Budget is as close as they can get to a balanced Budget. They are trying to take the $97 million from Labrador to apply to this Budget. They are trying to take another $107 million out of the $200 million to spend, and $93 million to deduct from the deficit in this Budget so that we would have a less deficit. As I was going down through some of the Budget figures there, I was reading down through Bill 2, I looked at the Interim Supply amounts; and Bill 3, on the defrayed supply amounts and $3,463,899,300, that is a lot of money to spend on a Province. Mr. Speaker, it is incumbent upon all of us, all of us who sit in this House, we do not at any time deny the challenges with which we are faced, but the issue is that we have to try to make sure the monies that are available are spent as well as they can or as efficiently spent as they can. Just this past Friday, Mr. Speaker, accompanied by my colleagues from the West Coast, Mr. Mercer and Mr. Joyce, I had occasion to visit the Corner Brook area to have a first-hand look at the long-term care facilities in that area. This was in response, as I indicated, to a request from my colleagues from that area and also from the committee that has been struck out there in that region to look at the long-term needs for the residents of that area. Mr. Speaker, you will notice, too, I think, that the Auditor General has stated that it is in the millions and millions of dollars. One year in particular, I believe it was last year, there was some $79 million approved in the last month.

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Let’s go through out-migration, Mr. Speaker. Let’s talk about what has happened in our communities in the last five years when 40,000 people have left our Province. Let’s look at the percentages over the last five years. In Portugal Cove South, 21.4 per cent of the people have left. In St. Shotts, 31 per cent of the people have left.

  • The people who are sitting here today, it is still his mandate and they have not forgotten.
  • He was going to spend his money, not looking for one plug nickel from government, going to spend his money to develop a piece of land.
  • We come down here at election time, the federal government, and they throw out a few plums and expect us to vote for them.
  • Those roads have seen its life; it has come and gone.
  • A loyal player base has flocked to nearby bingo establishments, as well as playing radio bingo.
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