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bingo bango bongo

It makes for a long and challenging day when you and your partner are two down heading to the third hole minus a putter and driver. Choose the best tee shot and move all balls to that point. Again, choose the best ball and move all balls to that point. Pick the ball in the best location and all putt from that point. Once the ball is holed, count the strokes and move on to the next hole. The first player to hit his or her shot onto the green gets a point (Bingo!), the player whose ball is closest to the pin when all balls are on the green gets a point (Bango!), and the first person to hole out gets a point (Bongo!). The player with the best total score on just the par 3 holes is the winner of this game – often played that the winner must be at par or better. Player gets up & down out of a bunker in 2 or less shots. Player must exit the bunker on the first shot, then get in the hole on the second (or holing the bunker shot counts too, ‘cuz that’s pretty good golf). Can be played that the first shot must reach the green , or can played that getting down on the second shot can be from anywhere.


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bingo bango bongo

Points are accumulated every hole, and whoever has the most wins in the end. ▪ The order in which golfers tee off, regardless of score, rotates every hole so each player becomes the Wolf on a continual basis. ▪ Alternate partners every six holes playing match-play. ▪ The teams separately pick their best drives, and alternate shots between teammates from there for the hole. The all-time team has one sport left to fill, and only one player to fill it. And you can’t have a conversation about the last decade of Canucks hockey without mentioning the greatest netminder in Vancouver Canucks history, and the battle he faced on the ice and off of it. He was the star of a soap opera he never intended to be casted in, yet he rose to the occasion more often than not, and was a key part of Canucks lore. A point is given to the player in the group whose ball is closest to the pin once all balls are on the green . Keep track of your individual scores as well as a team score when using team ball.

British Columbia Golf

▪ The team then continues to hole out shooting from the “Best Ball” every time. ▪ This is a team match which can be combined to any number of other team matchups on the course. When Torts failed as a coach and Gillis said the Canucks could not win playing the style that Torts insisted on…Gillis got fired. He got fired because it was a direct and open criticism of the owner. Two of us pulled it left and into heavy rough, getting it out both still were away.

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