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To do this, the City must recognize the diverse needs of all residents and respond by trying to provide services and facilities that are accessible to all. As an employer and provider of public service, the City is committed to ensuring its services are provided in an accessible manner. All other documents, forms, releases and services offered by the municipality which are not specifically described herein and which are intended to be distributed to the public shall be available in both official languages. All documents which are prepared or reproduced by the municipality shall be made available, wherever possible, in a bilingual format. When a bilingual format cannot be utilised a department, will be permitted to produce a “non-official” translation of the document. Customers who wish to provide feedback or suggestions may do so in person, by telephone, in writing, by email, online via the City’s website, or other accessible formats upon request. If, in order to obtain, use or benefit from the City’s goods or services, persons with disabilities usually use particular facilities or services of the City and if there is a temporary disruption in those facilities or services in whole or in part, the City shall give notice of the disruption to the public. People with disabilities may be accompanied by a support person and the City shall ensure that both persons are permitted to enter the premises together and that the person with a disability is not prevented from having access to the support person while on the premises. People with disabilities may be accompanied by their service animal in the areas of the City premises that are open to the public, provided that he/she maintains care and control of the animal at all times. It seems that tho persistent with your answers you begin to look more mindless and dishonest every time you repeat yourselves. Yes we have many requests for live viewings but unfortunately were still to crooked to play draws live.

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This would include wooded areas and smaller tree stands as well as major groupings of other natural vegetation. Such a plan would be prepared with reference to an aerial photograph, any background data already on hand at the City and a site visit. Enacted and passes in open council, this 18th day of June 2018. A) This by-law shall be enforced by the by-law enforcement officer. B) All applications for subdivision shall be supported by a tree conservation and planting plan.

  • All attempts are made to ensure proper signage is posted at all facilities using a video surveillance system.
  • No person without a permit shall refuse to vacate a park, or portion of a park, in the event that a holder of a permit for that park, or portion of the park, wishes to access the area in accordance with the terms and conditions of his or her permit.
  • 6.3.7.

No licensee who is vending on a street from or with a Pedal -powered vehicle shall occupy or utilize an area that exceeds three metres in length, by one metre in width, by two point five (2.5 m) metres in height. No person shall cook food in a refreshment vehicle licensed as a License “A”, “C” or “D” class. Every licensee using a refreshment vehicle with a food heating capability shall ensure that his or her vehicle is adequately equipped with a fire extinguisher having a 10 B.C. Rating. Every licensee shall keep his or her refreshment vehicle or vending equipment at all times in a clean and sanitary condition and in a state of good repair and appearance. Every licensee shall ensure that the plate furnished pursuant to Section 8 is attached by bolts to the rear of the cart or vehicle so as to be clearly visible to the public during the currency of the license. Every person who provides or operates a refreshment vehicle shall obtain a separate license for each refreshment vehicle to be operated pursuant to this by-law. The Fire Chief has reported in writing that, where applicable, the refreshment vehicle or vending equipment is suitable for the purpose of the license application and is in a fire safe condition. The Medical Officer of Health has reported in writing that the refreshment vehicle or vending equipment is suitable for the purpose of the license application and is in a sanitary condition. Every owner or keeper of a lodging house shall permit officials of the Eastern Ontario Health Unit to examine the premises from time to time. 1) Every person who contravenes any of the provisions of this by-law is guilty of an offence. If the address of the owner is unknown or the city is unable to effect service on the registered owner or the owner, a placard stating the terms of the notice is placed in a conspicuous place upon the land on or near the property shall be sufficient notice to the owner.

Condominium Application

Maintaining records showing all applications received and licenses issued. Receiving and processing all applications for licenses and for renewals of licenses. 2.5 No person shall publish or cause to be published any representation that the person is licensed under this by-law if the person is not licensed in accordance with this by-law. 2.4 No person shall hold himself/herself out to be licensed if the person is not licensed in accordance with this by-law. 2.3 For the purpose of this by-law, a business shall be deemed to be carried on within the city if any part of the business is carried on in the city, even if the business is being conducted from a location outside the city. Drive, or act as the driver of an accessible taxicab. “Police security clearance request or a similar police security clearance” means information containing the results of a search of the Canadian Police Information Centre.

How are bingo cards numbered?

Players use cards that feature five columns of five squares each, with every square containing a number (except the middle square, which is designated a "FREE" space). The columns are labeled "B" (numbers 1–15), "I" (numbers 16–30), "N" (numbers 31–45), "G" (numbers 46–60), and "O" (numbers 61–75).

Is a request for submissions where the specifications are defined and the successful bidder of the RFQ is the lowest compliant bidder and the value of the procurement is under $50,000. Is a credit card used by authorized employees to pay for goods. Is when a person in authority appoints some or all of their authority to other City employees. Is the Chief Administrative Officer as appointed by the Council of the Corporation of the City of Clarence-Rockland or his/her designate. Is a written complaint provided to the Manager of Supply by a bidder giving specific reasons of the complaint against the methods employed or decisions made by the City in the process leading to the award of a contract. Is when the contract has been signed by both the vendor and the City or a purchase order has been issued. The above noted policies shall not be cancelled, altered or lapsed unless the Insurer notifies the City in writing at least thirty days prior to the effective date of the change or cancellation.