2X Slot Dollars & 2X Tier Credits every Tuesday and Thursday!

This card is your key to earning comp dollars and tier points at the casino you will be playing at. There are many different ways to earn comp dollars and tier credits, but some will earn you points quicker than others. We have outlined the most effective ways to accumulate these points below, so you can get the most out of your next visit to the casino.

  • Free spins are usually triggered via a scatter of at least three designated symbols .
  • The amount you can deposit at once will vary from casino to casino.
  • Online casino slot games are said to use the same kinds of random number generator programs as land-based casinos.
  • Most casinos will look at the action of all their new players and base the value of the promotions and offers on how much a person wagered to encourage them to come back.
  • Strange, isn’t it, considering slots are supposed to be so-called “random” .

When playing slots or video poker, comp dollars and tier credits will be earned based on the amount of money you wager on the machine. A common misconception among players is that comps are awarded based on losses, while this is in fact not true in almost all cases. The amount of time you play at the machine also has no effect on how many points you will earn. Players earn one Tier Credit for every $5 put through a slot machine.

Caesars Rewards Gift Card

Before you can win big money online, the first thing you need to do is fund your account. Self-Comps will remain on a member’s account until they are used or their account becomes inactive. Inactivity is defined as an account that has no active play for 90 consecutive days. Reward points will remain on a member’s account until they are used or their account becomes inactive.

That means for every $100 you wager, your average loss will be $15. It’s hard to come away a winner facing such edges—they are the brick walls of slot play. We accumulate knowledge of our reel spins and outcome patterns.