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Kerri Johnson-Leland, Managing Editor

Fort McMurray’s Lights at Royal Garden has announced that their Holiday Light Show collected over $9,794 in donations for the Northern Lights Health Foundation this holiday season.

The Lights at Royal Garden is a musical light display that includes over 10,000 digital animate lights. Located at 128 Royal Garden, in lower Thickwood, the display drew over 15,000 visitors this holiday season.

“The generosity of this community never ceases to amaze me,” says Jon Tupper, co-creator of the Lights at Royal Garden. “Not only did we double our fundraising goal of $5,000, we are thrilled that so many residents across the region were able to enjoy a COVID-safe holiday event while many gatherings were cancelled,” Tupper adds.

Fort McMurray’s Lights at Royal Garden provided a socially distanced opportunity for the region’s residents to enjoy holiday spirit, share a sense of community, and express admiration for the hard work of the Northern Lights Health Foundation.


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Photo provided by Jon Tupper.


Photo provided by Jon Tupper.

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