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Logan Lucky is basically the Deep South and blue collar version of Ocean’s Eleven, with a NASCAR circuit as target instead of banks/casinos/museums. The Ladykillers have a crew of lowlifes trying to tunnel into a vault through an old woman’s basement while posing as a musical group having rehearsals.

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  • The story of this heist did get its own little Hollywood treatment when Netflix featured it in the crime docu-series Heist.
  • In the end, he was caught because he left a calling card to take credit for the robbery.
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Brennan got away with it and was never caught by authorities. Because it was such an unlikely win, the casino’s security guards decided to check the recordings. It became apparent that one of the members of Crown Casino’s authorities cut a deal with Manning and provided him with information about the other players’ cards.

Top 7 Casino Robbery Movies to Watch

As shown in these videos show, John Mace of Rooster Teeth’s Studio 5 had promised to get the RT offices a microwave but, eight months later, never delivered. So, RT team recruited the AH team to steal a microwave from them. The heist is a success, but it turns out that Achievement Hunter double-crossed the RT team but stealing Chad’s desk and everything on it as revenge for not taking a taco Michael was offering. In Volume 8, the teams pull off a better plan to fool Ironwood and get into Atlas’ vault without surrendering Penny. Helping things here is having the assistance of Emerald, Winter and Marrow. Some of the subplots of Thief enter into this trope; Garrett sometimes goes through elaborate plans over multiple game levels to enter secure locations.

1995 – A well-known former casino employee, Bill Brennan held the world record for one of the most brilliant crimes of all time – robbing the Stardust on September 1992. Carleo, also known as the “Bellagio Bandit,” is sentenced by Judge Michael Villani on Thursday, August 31, following the robbing of the Suncoast. In the months since his arrest in February, Carleo has been under arrest a number of times for drug possession and has never committed any crimes. Two men and a woman puzzled investigators when they robbed the Ritz Casino in London in March 2004.